Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Heavy menstrual bleeding is a condition known as menorrhagia. It can be caused by a variety of different factors.

In young teenage girls who are going through puberty and experiencing their first several periods as well as in women who are pre-menopausal, heavy bleeding can be due to fluctuating hormones. Often, in these cases, the heavy bleeding can be brought under control by taking birth control pills.

Other common causes of heavy, prolonged menstrual bleeding are ailments such as endometriosis and fibroids. Cancer is also a cause of heavy bleeding. To accurately diagnose the exact or most probable cause of heavy menstrual bleeding it is important to see a doctor.

The impact of menorrhagia is something that can only be appreciated by someone who has experienced it. The heavy bleeding, which is very often accompanied by blood clots, can be extensively disruptive to normal, daily life. Many women find that they begin to feel confined to their homes because they are afraid to go too far away from a bathroom. When a heavy menstrual flow lasts much longer than is normal the distress and frustration can begin to feel overwhelming.

Birth control pills are often one of the first things women are given in an attempt to regulate their menstrual cycle. When this does not work, unfortunately, the next “cure” that is often discussed is the surgical option of having a hysterectomy. By the time a women has been experiencing heavy, prolonged bleeding for perhaps several weeks or even longer, she is often so worn out, stressed, anemic, and so intensely wanting to be able to live a normal life again that the hysterectomy becomes almost a blessing in her mind.

Sadly, in so many cases, surgery is not something that is necessary, rather it is a desperate grasp at whatever “cure” is offered. It is to many women the one final hope that their bleeding will finally stop and they can return to normal living again. There are times, of course, when surgery is necessary. Sometimes it is even a matter of life or death. But, too often, it is used when other, more natural remedies, are available, but not utilized.

Women who suffer with menorrhagia need to seek out not only advice from their physician, but also from other women who have been through the same experience. Many women have found relief from the use of natural remedies that have been around for a long time and have been helping women for hundreds of years. One such natural remedy is the use of the raspberry leaf. The raspberry leaf can be used to make a great tasting tea that contains a high concentration of just the right minerals and nutrients to help heal a variety of female reproductive related issues.

There are other herbs and natural supplements that are available on-line and in health food stores that have been known to also help with women’s heavy bleeding, fibroids, and even before, during, and after pregnancy. It is important to do plenty of research on the different options available. Learn not only what the options are, but also why the particular product does what it does. What nutrients does each product have and what ailments have been successfully helped, or even cured, by the addition of those particular nutrients into the diet.

Medical doctors know many things about the human body and are an essential part of helping to maintain a healthy body throughout life. However, there is much that is not studied by physicians when it comes to good old-fashioned natural home remedies. If surgery is a necessity, then it is the option which must be taken. But if it is not a matter of life or death, it can be much more beneficial to research, learn about, and then try the best natural remedies that can be found.

Instead of undergoing a surgical procedure and allowing the removal of body parts that function in ways that even doctors do not completely understand, try instead to add, by way of nutrition, what is needed to help heal whatever has become unbalanced and is causing a problem. It seems to be common sense to realize that most people who go about healing themselves by fortifying their bodies with healthy, nutritional products, will find that not only will their health concern disappear, but they will also begin to feel better and stronger than they have in a long time.